Joe Somma did an excellent job with a case that I was the defendant in. My case needed legal counsel due to false allegations that was maliciously done due to breaking up with an ex gf. and went no contact with her. A week later she went to see a clerk and filed a petition for abuse order. I couldn’t believe it happened to me and why after being nice to someone during the splitting up phase and helped them move as well as being a friend that someone could, threaten to ruin my life for doing nothing. I read the laws over and over till no matter what even being innocent you could risk defending yourself, or have a 50%chance of winning or losing. The stress was immense and till the point that I decided regardless of the fact i am innocent I didn’t have faith in the situation because I am a guy and have a professional job everything was on the line. I said to myself the law is being abused and allowing false allegations that will require a highly skilled attorney that I can trust and take the stress and time away from me so I can focus on work and life. I contacted Joe on a weekend and he consulted with me and i hired him. Joe told me not to worry, i said thank you and i let him take care of everything. The day of the hearing he was there very early before me, he greeted me and said dont worry , the petition went to trail and he then said again do not worry. The trail ended with victory in my favor because he was able to prove that every false allegation was false. I highly recommend Joe Somma for legal representation.