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Commercial Real Estate

Where you conduct business can be just as important as the business you conduct. I understand that no small amount of time or attention goes into choosing an office space...

Land Use And Zoning Law

At Joseph C. Somma, PC, I have extensive experience representing both residential and commercial clients in property matters involving land use and zoning issues.

Collaborative Divorce

For many couples, divorce proceedings are traumatic and greatly exacerbate the heartache of their loss. Because the justice system is built to be adversarial, it encourages conflict and may incite...

Uncontested Divorce

While divorce is never easy or pleasant, spouses who can agree on child custody, child and spousal support and property division may be able to end their marriage through an...

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Many couples choose to create prenuptial, or premarital, agreements before they wed or postnuptial agreements after they’ve tied the knot. Working out the terms of a potential settlement in advance


At Joseph C. Somma, PC, I offer a full range of services relating to wills, including drafting, review, amendment, revocation and execution.

Living Wills And Other Advance Directives

Life is unpredictable, but it is possible to prepare for the unexpected. Creating living will and advance directive documents can ensure that if you ever become unable to make healthcare...

Probate And Estate Administration

To maximize the value of an estate in probate or another administration process, representatives may find it helpful to contact a reputable estate planning attorney.

Probate Litigation

Joseph C. Somma, PC advocates on behalf of clients in the Birmingham area and throughout Alabama who want to ensure that property and wealth are handled in accordance with the...

Guardianships and Conservatorships

At Joseph C. Somma, PC, I provide legal support for capable and caring adults in the Birmingham area and throughout Alabama who want to gain the legal right to make...

Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are documents that convey legal authority for one person or organization (agent) to act in the name of another person when making decisions.

Child Custody

No parent should have to endure the devastation of losing precious time with a child or forfeiting essential parental rights because of an unjust custody or visitation decision.

Child Support

You are not alone in your responsibility to pay for your child’s education, extracurricular activities, clothes, food, healthcare and other basic needs.

Modification Orders

Every family’s situation changes over time, and those changes may make it necessary to take legal action to ensure that existing court orders evolve to meet new family requirements.

Defending Domestic Violence Orders

At Joseph C. Somma, PC, I understand the damage that an order of protection against you can have on your life. A restraining order, injunction or another type of civil...


Adopting a child should be a joyous experience, but a biological parent’s change of heart or an immigration setback can turn it into a stressful ordeal. At Joseph C. Somma,...

Family Law

Whether you are experiencing the pain of marital conflict, anticipating the joys of adoption, or facing another legal issue close to home, Joseph C. Somma, PC can listen to your...

Estate Planning

No one knows what tomorrow may bring, but there are some inevitabilities for which you can prepare. You’ve worked too hard to risk your personal security or the legacy you...


The dissolution of a marriage is emotional and stressful, even when both partners agree that it’s the right decision. As a caring attorney at Joseph C. Somma, PC, I help...

Real Estate

Dedicated Alabama Real Estate Lawyer Helps Clients with Transactions and Disputes Respected attorney guides clients in the Birmingham area through property issues At Joseph C. Somma, PC, I draw on...