Joe Somma is an excellent attorney and a class act. The world would be a better place if all attorneys and service providers were as conscientious and professional as Joe. Somma represented me after I purchased a foreclosed house that I planned to make my home. After closing, the former owner was a squatter and would not vacate the home. I was fortunate to meet with Joe after asking an attorney friend to recommend an attorney with experience in real estate/property. He said Joe would be his first choice as he had recently impressed him in another property matter. When I met with Joe, he was very knowledgeable about the legal process and realistic about what to expect. All of his communications and filings were prompt and reflected the work of an experienced professional. Joe was dedicated to my legal problem as if it were his own home he was trying to possess. I have worked with many attorneys in my professional life. I realize how fortunate I am to have happened upon Joe. I would call him again next time I need assistance with a legal issue.